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here several exhibitions in Europe which can interest you.

In Cracow, Mocak proposes several exhibitions.

 Art in Art.

28.04.2017 – 01.10.2017.

The  stuff of life, when the artists work on the categories of the life.

Exerpt :

Art in Art is another exhibition in our series that confronts important areas of life with their perception by artists. This exhibition will, however, differ from the others. The previous themes were ‘taken from life’ and analysed received truths and manipulations thereof. History showed the drama of war, patriotism and national identification. Sport revealed human ambition and potential. Economy warned against the power of money and its ubiquity. Crime probed the evil that is in us. Gender projected the prejudices related to gender. Medicine demonstrated the complexity of body addiction. Each of these topics has proved a direct source of existential symbols, which one can employ in one’s own commentary on the world that we have been condemned to live in. They delineate the limit of our functioning and mark out the extent of our freedom and dignity but also our iniquity. As for Art – it has no power to influence our lives directly.

The Artist and the Trace: Materials from the MOCAK Collection Artists’ Archive.

28.04.2017 – 17.09.2017

Exerpt :

The exhibition is the first in a series intended to popularise the MOCAK Archive collection. The objects on display are testimony to artistic processes and ephemeral performative actions. The unique archival material documents public actions, artistic projects, and exhibitions from the period 1973–2004. It is only in juxtaposition with apposite photographic material and descriptions that inconspicuous objects, such as a kite, steel ball or piece of wire, are able to evoke specific performances and exhibitions.

in Wales Amgueddfa Cymru — National Museum Wales propose 2 major exhibitions

 18 February 201731 January 2018

18 February 201731 January 2018

This exhibition brings to Cardiff one of the UKs most important private collections of modern British art.  The collection was created over a number of decades, with work often being purchased before the artists were famous. The collection features work by many of the very best British artists of the 20th century including Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, Barbara Hepworth and David Hockney.

Gillian Ayres.

8 April3 September 2017

 Exerpt :

This major exhibition celebrates the bold and colourful work of one of Britain’s most important and internationally renowned abstract artists. Featuring major paintings from across the artist’s career, this is the largest exhibition of Ayres’s work ever seen in the UK.

In the 1950s, Ayres was a pioneer of abstract painting, making work on a vast scale. She explored colour and space by pouring, dripping and staining paint onto the canvas. She was a leading figure in a generation of British artists who were responding to the latest international developments in Paris and New York, including the work of American Abstract Expressionists.

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